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5 Outland getaways for vacationing roleplayers

Anne Stickney

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Sure, Cataclysm may have reworked the world and opened up tons of new roleplay spots to vacation in. But what if by getting away from it all, your character means they really want to get away? In that case, you can't really get any more remote than Outland. Formerly the planet Draenor, Outland is the shattered former home of both the draenei and the orcs. Yet despite its being blown into pieces, it still remains hauntingly beautiful.

And it's highly unlikely your character will be bothered while on vacation there. Since Outland is level 60 to 70 and well below what could be considered current content, the most you're going to run into is the occasional alt or newbie leveling their way through as quickly as possible. So why not take your character through the Dark Portal, take a good look around and see what kind of gorgeous scenery Outland has to offer? Here are five pretty good locations for a restful retreat.

5. Quiet Terokkar hideaway

Tucked in between Hellfire Peninsula and Terokkar Forest, our first location is a seldom-visited outpost with two fairly sturdy primitive buildings, both completely free of NPCs. Most players tend to get to Terokkar by traveling through Zangarmarsh, so they don't even realize this little hideaway is here. That makes it a great location to camp out for awhile and get away from the rest of civilization. Since it's complete with cozy campfires, the only thing vacationing roleplayers need worry about is the thorny brush to the south and the hostile critters contained therein.

Located at coordinates 56, 20 in Terokkar Forest, northeast of the town of Tuurem, this is a non-faction-specific location, meaning players need not worry about guards from either faction paying an unwelcome visit. In fact, there aren't any NPCs in this area to speak of, hostile or otherwise. It's simply deserted, cozy, and begging to be your character's next vacation destination. And with a backdrop of Terokkar's softly glowing, alien trees and the starry skies above to gaze at, it's a pretty amazing place to call a temporary home for a week or two. Low-level alts should look for a summon or a ride from a higher-level player -- but once there, they should be safe enough as long as they don't wander too far.

4. Draenei living in Zangarmarsh

Maybe your character is looking for something a little more modern than a few weeks' worth of camping. If that's the case, this location may work nicely for them. Alliance players will immediately recognize this location as part of Telredor, and you'd be absolutely right. The difference between this location and Telredor proper, however, is that this particular hut lacks any kind of guards or NPCs. For Horde players, this may be too close to the enemy for your liking, but it's still accessible if you think it's something your character might enjoy.

Located at coordinates 67, 48 in Zangarmarsh, this little hut is perched high above the swampy floor, nestled in the trunk of one of the giant mushrooms that dominate the region. Horde players can safely fly up into this location as long as they're careful about it -- I was able to approach, land, and wander around both inside and on the balcony outside with no difficulties. There is no furniture in the hut, making it a somewhat sparse vacation spot, but it's still a solid roof over your head, rather than a tent. If delicate draenei architecture and dazzling views of Coilfang sound good to you, this may be the perfect vacation spot.

3. Amazing falls and amazing views in Nagrand

Low-level characters looking for an Outland getaway, this one is for you! This small island in Nagrand is devoid of any hostile critters or NPCs, and it is exceptionally easy to get to from Shattrath City. This remote island has an amazing tree begging to be climbed, gorgeous views of both waterfalls and the skies of Nagrand, and a lake for fishing or swimming -- your choice! Nagrand is easily one of the most beautiful regions Outland has to offer, resembling Azeroth in a way, but the skies above are alien and exotic, an ever-present reminder that you're nowhere near home. It's a perfect spot to set up a campfire and tell some stories, take a swim, and do a little fishing while you're at it!

Located at coordinates 74,55 in Nagrand, this getaway is perfect for low-level players because it's so easy to get to. Simply find a mage to send you to Shattrath, head up to Aldor Rise, and head out the gates to the left once you've hit the top of the elevator. From there, the island is easily visible below the main gates as shown in the image above. There's no need to travel down the road at all when you're getting here. You can start your vacation with a cliff dive into the lake and swim on over to the island proper! As with all Outland locations, it's advised that low-level players don't stray too far from the island, as there are enemies on the opposite shore -- but they won't cross the water to make a beeline for anyone who is lower level.

2. Cozy kaldorei retreat in Blade's Edge

Horde players, be warned -- this place is not the easiest location to get to. However, once you're inside this cozy little getaway, nobody's going to bother you. No guards or NPCs travel to the tallest tree in Sylvanaar, a forested haven in Blade's Edge. And if your character is looking for the comforts of home far away from home, this place is a perfect spot to relax. Low-level characters of both factions will either want a summon or a ride to this location, because Sylvanaar isn't easy to get to. However, once you're there, you've got nothing to worry about in terms of hostile mobs. The place is perfectly deserted and perfectly suitable for a vacation.

At coordinates 35,65 in Blade's Edge, this location will give Alliance players no trouble at all to find. Simply fly to Sylvanaar and head to the top of the tallest tree in this Alliance outpost. For Horde players, it's a little more tricky. Since Sylvanaar does have flying guards, Horde players will want to approach this building from the west. Just head to Ogri'la, and fly down into Sylvanaar from there. If you happen to catch a guard's attention, fly up out of aggro range, wait for the guards to go away, and try again. Once you're inside, you have nothing to worry about -- and you can spend as much time vacationing there as you'd like, right under the Alliance's nose.

1. Stormspire

If your character would like all of the comforts of home and some amazing views as well, maybe the Stormspire in Netherstorm would work for you. Unlike the barren spaces in the rest of Netherstorm, Stormspire is perched high inside a biodome and thus offers some truly breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery, highlighted against the curious electric canopy that surrounds it. It's also populated by a bunch of ethereal NPCs, including vendors, trainers, and even a proper inn with all the ameneties. Since it is a neutral zone, players of either faction can make themselves at home without fear of hostile activity.

Located at coordinates 42, 34 in Netherstorm, Stormspire is an etheral town in the largest of the three ethereal biodomes created in what is otherwise a desolate wasteland. With its lush tropical surroundings, many buildings, and exotic inhabitants, this location begs to be used as a vacation resort for those who have long since made the trek through Outland content. Lower-level characters will be safe here as well; however, they will need a summon or ride to get to this location. Just make sure you don't take the elevator down from the town, or you may find yourself in for a nasty surprise as the main course in a hostile animal's dinner.

Outland may be dangerous at times, but none can deny its otherworldly appeal. And despite the hostile creatures that roam the shattered remnants of Draenor, there are still plenty of little locations to simply stop, settle down for a spell and take it all in. From dazzling skies to vastly different scenery around every corner, Outland has a little bit of everything to offer. If your character is looking to get away from the rest of the world, traveling off-world may be your best bet.

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