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Comcast's connected cable box making a run at the FCC?


Well, it's no secret that Comcast is starting to experiment with web-connected cable boxes, and now it looks like one of those set tops is moseying on through the FCC. The Pace-made "Parker" appears to have passed muster with regulators and you'll find both label examples and a user manual at the source link as evidence. There isn't much to learn about the tuner or, at least not much surprising. The usual bevy of coax, HDMI, composite and component ports are around back, as well as a CableCARD slot. What is of interest is the eSATA port and SD Card slot -- the later of which appears to be meant for servicing the box. Sadly, when it comes to connectivity, there is no WiFi on board, only Ethernet. Which means you'll run more wires to connect to your local network. Hit up the source if you're a fan of bureaucratic filings.

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