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Introducing our new liveblog viewer!

Tim Stevens

Have you gotten tired of full-page refreshes? We have. They're so... Web 1.0. We're finally getting down with AJAX over here and delivering some real-time updates straight to your browser -- but there's a lot more to it than that! Today we've introduced our new liveblog viewer. Most notably it will push text and picture updates straight from our laptops and cameras to your browser. Within seconds you'll see what we've added, meaning you'll always be the first to know. But that's just the beginning. Read on for the details, and join us later tonight for an interactive demo.

The first thing we decided to do is finally separate pictures and text, ensuring the visuals we're constantly feeding from the event don't push down the 100wpm stream of consciousness coming from our keyboards. Up top you'll see images go from left to right, fading off into obscurity as they're bumped by what's new. Down below is the text, auto-updating and again pushing downward. But, here's the important part: what scrolls off the screen isn't lost forever. Just grab the slider in the middle and you can travel through time! You can also pause the action and resume where you left off, which is perfect for when an impromptu meeting pulls you away from your desk.

Basically, it's a DVR for liveblogging, and if you like you can use WASD or IJKL or the arrow keys to control your view. Just use left or right to cycle through the pictures or up and down to cycle through the text. Go to the next text update and it'll display the closest picture. Cycle to the next picture and it'll display the relevant text update.

Better yet: it'll soon be updated to work on mobile devices. We've tested on Android and iOS and, while the presentation is a little simpler, you'll get the same live-updating effect regardless of platform. Check out the demo video above, or just click on to our first liveblog with the tool and see for yourself just how much better this is. Our developers have been working night and day to bring this completely custom solution to you and we're thrilled with the results. We hope you are too. But, most importantly, if you have any feedback please leave it in comments below. We want to hear your suggestions for version 2.0!

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