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Adafruit Flora lets you wear your open-source love on your sleeve

Brian Heater

Let's face it, not every occasion calls for pulsating cufflinks, so Adafruit is offering up a little more diversity in its wearable line with Flora, an open-source electronics platform that you can wear on your person. The 1.75-inch board is not quite available for sale, but it's currently being put through some real-world testing. The platform features built-in USB support and will offer up modules for Bluetooth, GPS, OLED and a bunch more. No word on an exact date, though Adafruit has a page you can visit to sign up for shipping notifications, which has the timeframe at around 15 to 20 business days -- check that out in the source links below. As for cost, the company has promised "great pricing" for hackerspaces, resellers and educators. Video of the Flora in action after the break.

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