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Make a wish and blow out the candles: Vanguard celebrates five years


In the midst of the cold winds of January, it's the warmth of the Winter Solstice that keeps Vanguard players alive and happy. With Vanguard's fifth anniversary here at last, SOE is blowing on the coals of this simmering MMO in the hopes of raising the flames of community interest.

First up is the Winter Solstice in-game event, which started on January 21st. Players can participate by locating the event NPC in New Targonor. On next Sunday, the 29th, the Vanguard CMs will be throwing an anniversary bash and handing out gifts on the Telon server starting at 1:00 p.m. EST.

SOE's also throwing a Facebook contest to give away one of five in-game items. Interested parties are encouraged to head over to Vanguard's Facebook page for more information on how to enter.

Massively will also be on the scene for Vanguard's fifth celebration this weekend with two special livestreams on Massively TV, so stay tuned!

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