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Activision grabs 'Skylanders Giants' domains


The land of Skylanders may be getting giant-sized in the coming months, as a smattering of domain registrations bearing the name "Skylanders Giants" recently popped up. A few of said domains even go as far as to call it a full on "game" rather than just an expansion to last October's magical character-swapping action game slash collectible addiction. Just imagine a giant Drobot! The possibilities!

The registrations are still fairly recent according to Fusible, only dating back to January 19, and none are tied directly to Activision. That said, it's common for publishers to register domains for unannounced projects via proxy, which is exactly how these were handled. We've reached out to Activision for comment, as well as Drobot, but don't expect to hear much from either.

Update: Activision offered no comment and neither did Drobot.

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