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iOS app Viggle trying to turn second screen TV watching into cold, hard cash


I've posted about the "second screen" idea before -- there is a growing trend among iOS and other mobile device users to both watch television or play games, and have their tablets or iPhones open and running apps related to that TV or gaming content, essentially using two screens at the same time. Viggle is another new app that is apparently going after that user, according to this article in the Denver Post, but with a new twist: They want to allow users to earn money by watching television.

As you might imagine, the math doesn't quite work out yet; at Viggle's current rates, you'd need to watch a few days worth of television to earn just one $5 gift card. But Viggle's real potential is in the "check-in" aspect -- the app is also working on ways for users to "check-in" to the TV shows they're watching, and participate in promotions like earning a certain bonus for watching a certain show, or more bonuses for various ads.

Now, Viggle's method of going about this seems a little shifty (you earn points that can be redeemed for deals), but I could definitely see a company working along these lines and creating sort of a Foursquare for media -- checking in whenever you happen to be watching or listening to something, and getting associated badges, deals, or whatever other offers on display for doing so. In fact, some apps like Dijit are aggressively pursuing a more social viewing experience. Viggle isn't quite out yet, and we'll have to watch and see how it does, but there's definitely lots of potential in the realm of apps that work in conjunction with and support the consumption of other media.

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