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WoW Moviewatch: Burn it to the Ground


Work Warning: Burn it to the Ground has some suggestive language by Nickelback. Also, it's Nickelback.

Let's get this out of the way: Yes, it's Nickelback. It's also the Horde band that was once L70ETC and whose name I can no longer realistically follow. I get it, OK? And while I really wasn't looking forward to featuring another video containing those two things, Burn it to the Ground managed to get my attention.

RaddarFX says this is his first machinima. If he hadn't said so, I never, ever would have guessed. His control of the models, use of lighting, and general staging of the entire video is absolutely amazing, especially for someone new to the machinima scene.

I'll admit the subject matter didn't make me jump for joy, but RaddarFX's actual execution is so skillful and impressive that I absolutely had to share this video.

You can see it yourself over at Warcraft Movies.

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