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Wurm Online client update brings proximity voice chat, UI update, and more


The latest client update to Code Club AB's construction-oriented sandbox title Wurm Online brings a cornucopia of new features to the game, but perhaps none so interesting as the addition of proximity voice chat. That's right, players will now be able to vocally communicate with any players in the immediate vicinity without the use of third-party applications like Ventrilo or Mumble. Have you ever wanted to gather up your village group, sit around a fire, and tell stories or just enjoy a bit of idle banter? Maybe typing "oh god help there's a rabid pachyderm devouring my face" just isn't expedient enough when there's a rabid pachyderm devouring your face. Either way, players now have access to proximity voice chat, an updated UI, and much more.

For the full details on the latest client update, just click on through the link below to Wurm Online's official site.

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