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2K Marin co-founder, BioShock artist lists unannounced IP on his resume


2K Marin is busy busting some alien assignations with the first-person version of XCOM, but apparently it has plenty of artillery to throw around. J.R. Hogarth de la Plante, one of the founders of 2K Marin in 2007 and the lead artist/level architect on the BioShock series, lists an "Unannounced Title" for which he is the art director, right on his resume.

Hogarth de la Plante doesn't describe the new title itself, but does explain that it's a brand new IP that he and four other directors are inventing and pitching internally. If it's still open to improvisation, Mr. Hogarth, may we suggest a stylized, top-down 2D adventure, played as a Little Sister as she fights her way through the terrifying realm of 1980s high school? You're welcome.

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