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EA picks NY Giants as Super Bowl XLVI winner in Madden simulation


Are you wondering who has the upper hand in this Sunday's National Football League sporting contest, but you're beyond trusting those silly old sports journalists? Let EA answer that for you, with its annual simulation of the Superbowl as conducted in Madden NFL 12 on Xbox 360. As evidenced in the video above, the New York Giants are set to overtake the New England Patriots in Superbowl 46 by three points (GO GIANTS WOOOO), with a field goal in the final quarter locking the win for big blue.

We might seem a tad dismissive, but EA has set a precedent in the past with annual predictions being spot on (at least in terms of a winner ... less so in terms of actual scores). That either tells us that Madden's numbers game has been spot on for several years, or that football is easily predicted. We'd rather avoid the pummeling that will assuredly result in supposing the latter, so we're gonna go with option A.

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