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Report: Windows Phone Tango to support 120 languages, C++ development

Amar Toor, @amartoo

When Microsoft confirmed Windows Phone "Tango" back in August, it emphasized its focus on developing country markets that other heavyweight manufacturers tend to neglect. Today, new details have emerged to corroborate these claims about Redmond's forthcoming update, which will reportedly support a wider range of languages than its Mango-flavored predecessor. As WP Sauce reports, a Microsoft representative confirmed the news at a developer event in India today, telling attendees that Tango will support a full 120 languages, compared to the 35 tongues that Mango currently support. (iOS, by comparison, supports 34 languages, while Android boasts 55.) One of the speakers also reportedly confirmed that Windows Phone would add support for C++ native coding, though it remains unclear whether that will apply to Tango, or Windows Phone 8 (codenamed "Apollo"). We'll have to wait and see whether or not any of this actually comes to fruition, though it's worth noting that WP Sauce has since pulled its report on today's news, apparently at the request of Microsoft.

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