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SlingPlayer for Kindle Fire available tomorrow for $30 in the Amazon Appstore


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Though Sling Media has long been offering apps for Android phones and tablets, Kindle Fire owners have until now been left out in the cold (you know, the whole lack-of-Android-Market-access thing). Tomorrow, though, Fire owners can get their fill of live and recorded TV when the SlingPlayer app goes on sale in the Amazon Appstore. With a price of $29.99, you'll pay the same as you would for any of Sling's other mobile apps, and as far as we could tell when we first got hands-on at CES, the interface is about the same as what you'd get on an Android handset. In case you need a refresher, we've got a gallery of images below, and we've posted that source link early, though you'll have to twiddle your thumbs until tomorrow when you can officially get your download on.

Gallery: SlingPlayer for Kindle Fire | 4 Photos

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