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Sony's 3D Experience channel tops 10 million views, some people like the extra dimension


Since kicking off its free 3D Experience channel, Sony has managed to notch up 10 million viewers in just short of six months. The channel offers up samples of music, movies, sports and documentaries for free, in an effort to tempt viewers into ponying up cash for the full experience. The channel, available on its Bravia 3DTV range and Blu-ray players, has now expanded from its five initial launch countries to 60. It's currently offering tastes of forthcoming Sony titles like The Amazing Spiderman and content from last year's World Cup, with a total of around 100 free snippets to peruse on the Japanese iteration of the channel. You hear Sony well up with pride in the PR below. Well, it's had a pretty tough time recently.

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Experience Sony's 3D content channel "3D Experience", topped the 10 million total views

Experience Sony's 3D content channel was launched in July 2011 "3D Experience (3D Experience)", the ※ 1 topped 10 million viewers worldwide total number of content at 6 months of service. "3D Experience" movies, music, sports, and digest a wide range of 3D video and documentaries, LCD TV compatible 3D ※ 2, Blu-ray Disc Player for ※ 3, free Internet service that delivers. This service initially launched in five countries, has expanded the deployment of currently 60 countries and regions, for customers worldwide, and delivers 3D entertainment.

Since its launch in Japan in August 2011, promising 3D work will be published in 2012 from Sony Pictures Entertainment "Amazing Spider-Man," "Men in Black 3" 3D video and digest, "FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2011 "official video trailer of the film," 3D GRAND TOUR World Heritage Site The "content and 15's, has expanded its content, and enjoy a free ※ 4 100 titles in total. We will further enrich the future of 3D content to be delivered.

The Company, "3D Experience" through the genre of your choice from a wide range of 3D content, find work, if you offer a hands-on experience, we will create an environment to enjoy a more active 3D entertainment.

(※ 1) views of the point total content time, January 24, 2012 (※ 2) This service years 2010, 3D released in 2011 featured Internet TV "BRAVIA" stays.
(Object model in Japan: a total of nine models LX900/HX900/HX800/HX920/820/720/NX720/EX720/72S Series 24 Series)
(※ 3) launched in 2011 "BDP-S480" available at.
(※ 4) the number of content at January 31, 2012 press release.

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