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Former Xbox Live marketing exec may join Apple


Apple conquered the smartphone and tablet market, and it may be turning its sights on the gaming market next. According to a report from MCV, Robin Burrowes, the Xbox Live marketing manager for EMEA, has left Microsoft to join Apple. Burrowes will supposedly take over marketing for the App Store in Europe. Apple hasn't commented on this report, so this is still a rumor.

If this is true, Burrowes will become the third high-profile gaming hire to join Apple in the past year. Apple also grabbed Rob Saunders, former PR and communications boss for Nintendo, and Nick Grange, the previous PR head for Xbox.

Does this mean Apple is taking a new direction in gaming? Probably not. We'll likely see an increase in marketing for iOS games as a result. There may also be an increased emphasis on iOS as a gaming platform to replace portables like the Nintendo DS. Portable gaming is on a downward slide, and, as MacStories recently points out, Nintendo needs to overhaul its business before the iPhone and iPad steal it away.

[Via Macgasm]

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