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Patch 4.3.2 hotfixes for Feb. 2, 2012

Besides the highly publicized hotfix of the retribution paladin bug, we've got some other fixes that were announced tonight. Keep in mind that while most of fixes like this are usually live right away, some may require a restart or not be active immediately -- so your mileage may vary.

Highlights include a fix to Mass Dispel and some Darkmoon Faire quick fixes.

The full list of hotfixes as follows:

Blizzard Entertainment -- Patch 4.3 Hotfixes

February 2

  • General
    • Mass Dispel should once again dispel up to 10 friendly or enemy targets.
    • Resilience should now properly reduce the damage over time effects for targets affected by Mind Control.
  • Dungeons and Raids
    • Dragon Soul
    • Lord Afrasastrasz no longer offers the option to disable the Power of the Aspects buff in Raid Finder mode.
      • The Spine of Deathwing
        • Corrupted Bloods should no longer maintain threat after reconstituting themselves from residue.
  • Events
    • Darkmoon Faire
      • Soothsayer's Runes and A Treatise on Strategy should now drop from all appropriate Heroic and raid bosses.
      • Murozond's Temporal Cache now has a chance to contain Monstrous Egg and A Treatise on Strategy.
  • Quests and Creatures
    • Players who inadvertently disconnect during Tailgunner! should now find themselves able to complete the quest.
    • Baby Crocolisks have been given tiny teething rings, and Tiny Teeth! should no longer transfer to other players.
    • Players should no longer encounter any invisible Young Crocolisks during the quest The Pit of Scales.
  • Items
    • Cunning of the Cruel will now trigger its Shadowbolt Volley approximately three times as often, but will deal approximately one third as much damage. This results in the tooltip for the item being incorrect, but should moderate its burst damage in PvP.

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