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The Last of Us screens put Joel and Ellie in Pittsburgh


How can you tell Naughty Dog is serious about the infectious danger in The Last of Us? Because while Uncharted's Nathan Drake made the half-tuck famous, Last of Us' Joel has apparently gone full untuck in these screenshots over on Game Informer. Not. Kidding. Around.

Elsewhere in the screenshots, we can see that part of the game takes place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so steel yourself for that (sorry). Weapons will break after being used in combat, so part of the challenge in wandering around the lush world is just staying armed. And that girl in the image above is Ellie, a teenager who will be following Joel around for part of his journey. Naughty Dog is working hard on her AI, and says she won't require a lot of micro-management while being escorted.

Game Informer promises 20 images of the game in its upcoming issue, but you can head to the website right now to see the other two shots on display. Full untuck, guys!

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