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Transmogrify your gear into a Thisalee Crow look-alike

Anne Stickney

Thisalee Crow is one of the new NPCs of Cataclysm, encountered in Hyjal. A member of the Druids of the Talon, Thisalee's unique personality immediately set her apart from her fellow druids -- and so does her unique set of threads. Thisalee's a fashionable sort, whether she's sitting quietly on the sidelines or holding a dagger to a harpy's neck. It's her gear that sets her apart in this case. You're not really going to see that particular set of gear on a player character, and there are a few good reasons for that.

Thisalee's model has a few distinct characteristics that can't be recreated with transmogrification. First off, she's wearing a Feathered Breastplate as a shirt, with another leather chestpiece on top of it -- something we can't do at all. Secondly, those gorgeous, white leafy shoulders? Sadly, we can't get those in game. However, that doesn't mean Miss Crow's look can't be cleverly replicated with a little transmogrification ... albeit in a slightly different color scheme.

  • Head Thisalee doesn't bother with a helm, and neither should you! Turn that helm graphic off.
  • Shoulders Obviously, Thisalee's shoulders are a white version of the Cenarion Spaulders. Those are easy enough for a druid to pick up and wear, but if you're a rogue or you want a different color altogether, head to The Botanica and nab the Mantle of Autumn from Laj. He's the second to last boss, but don't worry -- a level 85 rogue or druid can easily sneak their way through the instance.
  • Back Thisalee doesn't bother with a cloak, either, so you can turn that cloak graphic off too, while you're at it.
  • Chest For this chestpiece, you'll want to find the Insignia Chestguard from mobs in the 30 to 35 level range or your local Auction House.
  • Shirt Thisalee is wearing a leather chestpiece over another leather chestpiece, and we can't recreate that look. However, you can layer a shirt underneath it, and as with Thisalee's outfit, you want it to match your pants. Pictured here is the Deckhand's Shirt, which drops from Southsea Pirates in Northern Barrens -- but you can use whatever shirt you'd like underneath!
  • Wrists For bracers, pick up Insignia Bracers, a green drop off of level 29 to 35 mobs or in your local Auction House.
  • Hands Shown here are the Enforcer's Gloves, which are available as a reward from a Horde-only quest. However, what you're looking for isn't this exact piece of gear but a pair of short, fingerless gloves. Any pair will do! Wowhead has a list of similiar models to the Enforcers that are shown.
  • Waist Thisalee's belt has a pretty unique design that is actually found on Wrath armor. The belt pictured here is the Strange Voodoo Belt, which is an identical model in a slightly different hue. This can be obtained in a Gundrak dungeon quest, but if you have already completed this quest, you can look for any fairly wide brown belt that matches the Insignia armor colors.
  • Legs Thisalee's lovely blue feathered trousers are not available to players -- but leatherworkers can make Wildfeather Leggings, which are the same feathered pants in shades of white and gray.
  • Feet For boots, farm up a pair of Murkblood Boots from mobs in Outland or from the Auction House.
  • Main-hand weapon Thisalee actually has a couple of different weapons. Both are daggers, and they show up at different times. The one she's carting around while threatening harpies is the model we've shown here. It's a Jaedenis Dagger, a green item that can also be farmed in Outland. The other weapon Thisalee carts around is a larger spellcaster dagger that uses the same model as the Thondroril Spellblade. Note that this is a main-hand-only dagger and can only be transmogrified to a main-hand dagger as a result.
  • Off-hand weapon Use your Jaedenis Dagger to transmog your off-hand weapon, too!
This set does require a bit of farming and Auction House hunting, but it's definitely distinct and definitely reminiscent of Thisalee, as well. Thisalee's a little bit druid and a little bit rogue in attitude, so either class works with this set -- and any race can wear it, too!

If you want to look like your favorite NPC but that NPC has some really unique gear, it's always worth it to check for similar models, even if those models aren't an exact color match. Think of it less as replication and more as an homage. This set will give you the look of Thisalee Crow, even if you can't be a mirror image of her. And though I'd love to see a set of player-obtainable white Cenarion Spaulders, there's a part of me that thinks perhaps the uniqueness of Thisalee deserves to have a unique fashion, as well.

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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