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Apple broadens Australian patent lawsuit with 278 claims against Samsung

Amar Toor, @amartoo

Its legal fortunes may be souring in Germany today, but that hasn't stopped Apple from launching an all-out assault in Australia, where the company has just ramped up its ongoing patent battle against Samsung. As the Australian reports, Cupertino has expanded its complaint to 278 claims, covering 72 patents and a full ten products -- including some smartphones and tablets that have yet to launch in Australia. (Apple's original suit, by comparison, involved only three patents, concerning the Galaxy Tab 10.1.) Apple won an injunction against Samsung's tablet last year, but that was overturned in November. With its subsequent appeal shot down, Apple now appears to be ramping up its forces, though it's unlikely that we'll see a conclusion anytime soon. Samsung's lead lawyer Neil Young said the Korean manufacturer received short notice of its rival's latest suit, which means it won't be able to file a defense until mid-May.

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