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Resident Evil 'Revelaitons' misprint makes it to retail [Update: Capcom offers statement, replacement]


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Capcom made an embarrassing printing error on the spine of the Resident Evil: Revelations box sent to reviewers -- one made more embarrassing by the "revelaiton" today that it's still on the version of the art sent to retailers in advance of Tuesday's release.

Reader Zach shared this picture of the stock at the Prescott, AZ store, showing "Revelaitons" all the way down -- Joystiq has since confirmed the error with the store. For some, we're sure this mistake will be at worst a slight deterrent to purchase. For others, what was once a reasonably interesting 3DS item now seems like a fascinating rare collectible.

Update: A Capcom representative offered us the following statement: "The initial shipment of Resident Evil Revelations had been sent to retailers in North America with the spelling error. Subsequent shipments of the title are being repackaged and will have the corrected spelling. Customers who have been affected by the misspelling on the Resident Evil Revelations packaging can contact Capcom Customer Service at 650-350-6700 or and a new insert for the front of box will be sent." So, like the previous Okami snafu, Capcom will offer replacement packaging to any who want it.

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