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WoW Moviewatch: I'll Fight For You


I love this video for a few reasons. I'll Fight For You is a guild tribute video by Antimatter (who did Colder), featuring music by Jason Derulo. The first reason I love this video is that I love heartfelt, honest, friendly videos that commemorate the friends and family we all enjoy in WoW.

More importantly, I liked this video because it exemplifies a favorite aspect of machinima. While I like to think of myself as a fairly pop-culture-savvy dude, I don't know every artist, every song, and every cover created. While I obviously recognized the Toto sample, I've never been exposed to Jason Derulo. I really grooved to this song, and I loved the way it worked with the video. So now I get to enjoy a new artist, which is an added bonus to a video like this.

All in all, nice job, Antimatter.

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