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Mass Effect 3 getting an iOS game


Mass Effect 2 got its own iOS game when it was released on the traditional consoles a few years ago, and since Mass Effect 3 is due out in another month or so here, you probably won't be surprised to hear that EA is again planning another iOS game tie-in for the release. This time around, though, it sounds like they're doing it a little more intelligently. The last game focused on the first companion you met in the full console game, telling a little bit about his backstory through a pretty straightforward (and honestly, kind of boring) action game. This time around, the iOS title will again be action-based, as a third-person shooter, but instead of just telling background story, it will directly affect one of the main game's elements.

Playing the iOS game will "increase a player's Galactic Readiness rating," which is an element directly used in Mass Effect 3's "Galaxy at War" system (which will also tie in to the multiplayer elements in the game). It sounds like the iOS title is more of an arcade title than a full campaign game, which means that the more you play it, the better your starting console game stats will be. EA also says that you'll be able to earn "exclusive weaponry" for the main title, so that's a nice bonus as well.

The Mass Effect tie-in game is called Mass Effect Infiltrator, and should be available for all modern iOS devices soon. It'll be interesting to see what EA does with this one -- the company has learned a lot about the iOS platform since the last tie-in title, and with anticipation for Mass Effect 3 at a fever pitch, this title should be the latest and greatest the big traditional console company can do.

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