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Indie Royale Valentine's Bundle offers a treat without the calories


Indie Royale's Valentine's Day bundle makes no promises, unlike some people we know who promised us the moon on a string last February 14, but who showed up three hours late, drunk and with a box half-full of chocolates -- all fruit-filled. You know who you are.

Indie Royale is offering its Valentine's Bundle for pre-order at the lowest minimum price, $3.99, but is keeping the games a mystery until the big day itself. If you live life on the edge, don't read the following clues before buying the bundle:

"The games offered this time include a fantastical first-person action-adventure game (Steam for PC), an IGF-nominated puzzle adventure title (Steam for PC and Mac, Desura for PC and Linux, DRM-free PC, Mac and Linux download), a 'scorching' single and multiplayer arcade-strategy game (Steam for PC and Mac), and a world premiere on PC for a pair of retro RPG-defense games (Desura for PC, DRM-free PC download)," Indie Royale writes. On its Facebook page it added, "None of these titles have been in previous standalone indie game bundles such as Humble, etcetera!"

Pre-orders will receive the Valentine's Bundle the moment it launches, along with One Life Left's "Music to Play Games by Too."

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