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Protect your console from Reapers with the Mass Effect 3 Vault


Assuming you haven't already hung a hand grenade on your console of choice, Calibur11 is ready to encase it with yet another game-themed vault. This time around it's a nod to Commander Shepard and friends with an "exclusive" Mass Effect 3 vault.

The vault sports Shepard's chest armor, complete with light up N7 logo, and the requisite controller cradle (what, no sweet ray gun?). Like other vaults, the unit is purported to actually improve airflow by lifting the console off the ground. The vault will be available in the UK starting March 9 for both the Xbox 360 and PS3, commanding a price of £70. The press release makes no mention of the North American release, though GameStop currently lists both versions for a March 1 release at $90.

Update: It seems our subconscious desire for BioWare to create a FireFly game led to the use of the word "Reavers" in the original headline. The mistake has been fixed, though our hearts remain hopeful.

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London, 8 February 2012: Calibur11 and EA are pleased to announced their collaboration for the release of the Mass Effect™3 Vault, with the creation of this collector's edition, available on 9th March for both the Xbox 360© and PlayStation 3© slim.

This Collector's Edition Mass Effects™3 Vault armours up your console to show Commander Shepard at his best. His chest piece bares the worldly recognized 'N7 logo' and comes with its own numbered Certificate of Authenticity and code that can be redeemed for bonus items in Mass Effect™3 Multiplayer experience.

As a high-end console case, the engineering team at Calibur11 have ensured that the Vault promotes cooling of consoles for optimal performance, providing superior airflow by lifting the console off the ground, allowing the fan to work at its best ability. In addition, it features a controller/headset cradle and a light up N7 logo

"It's been fantastic to be teaming up with EA again for the release of Mass Effect™3. As huge fans of the game ourselves, we wanted to offer something really special that enhances the game experience," said Phu Tien of Calibur11. "With the exclusive Mass Effect™3 armour design including a Commander Shepard textured chest piece, this is a must for any Mass Effect™3 fan."

RRP £ 69.99
Release 9th March 2012
Format Xbox360© slim / PlayStation 3© slim

For more information on Calibur11 and their products, please visit
About Calibur11
Formed in 2010, Calibur11 is a company that specializes in unique and innovative accessories for the videogames industry, with a vision to create high-end products that satisfies the needs of gamers worldwide. With more than 70 years of combined industry experience and workers active in factories in the USA and China, Calibur11 are in a prime position to deliver cutting-edge technology that can be tailored to an individual's exacting specifications.

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