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Skyrim's Fall of the Space Core mod may be hiding a Portal 2 quest


Valve released Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1 yesterday as a harmless, clever Skyrim mod featuring a personality sphere from the Portal franchise. As far as anyone could tell, the mod was a cute Easter Egg and the sphere itself didn't do anything -- at least, it hasn't done anything yet.

YouTuber Memborable's video -- the one right up there -- shows where to find the Space Core and runs down what is does (and doesn't do). He then accesses the console and types "help portal," which pulls up a list of all the things relating to "portal" in Skyrim. One of these things is titled "portal2quest."

Valve hasn't confirmed any Portal-themed quests in Skyrim, but as the mod is titled "Vol. 1," we wouldn't be surprised to see more content, and perhaps even, yes, an entire quest.

[Thanks, Jarrett!]

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