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Tweetbot hits 2.0, heads to iPad with new features and UI in tow


The dev folk over at Tapbots have just unleashed a major overhaul to their famed Twitter client. Tweetbot 2.0 not only sees the addition of a few new traits and a design refresh, but it's also on the receiving end of some welcomed iPad compatibility (iOS 5 only). Though, it's worth mentioning the app isn't universal -- so you'll have to cough up three bucks for the slate variant, even if you've already got the iPhone edition. Amongst the new goodies is a renovated timeline view with pic thumbnails, an optional New Tweets bar, auto-refresh, and a one-tap system for links. If you're still rockin' the official birdie app, but are looking for something a bit different, then hit up the source link below to scan through the rest of the features and see if it's enough to make you fly the coop.

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