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New shipment of Radiant Historia en route

Jordan Mallory

It's funny how good news for JRPG fans is also often bad news for eBay moguls. Radiant Historia, a DS-exclusive time-travel JPRG from Atlus (which routinely auctions for $60 plus) is being reprinted and redistributed in North America, although this reprint will not include the soundtrack bundled with the original run.

Pre-orders are starting to pop up at various retailers, and Atlus is urging interested parties to take advantage of the opportunity before the new batch hits store shelves in late March. Considering that Atlus has not released specifics regarding how limited of a reprint this is, if limited at all, we recommend erring on the side of caution (and a $35.00 price tag) rather than taking your chances on an uncertain, seller-feedback-oriented future.

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