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Britain's ITV warns Apple again not to use "iTV" (Updated)


Back in August of 2010, UK commercial television network ITV balked at rumors that Apple would rebrand the Apple TV as iTV, threatening legal action. Years later, the network is at it again, this time addressing rumors that Apple's "hobby" is due for a refresh and potential re-branding.

Apple has never confirmed plans for a revised Apple TV, but ITV is still prepared to protect its trademark. The Telegraph reports that the company recently wrote to Apple, warning it not to use the name for either an updated Apple TV or the much-rumored "smart television" that's supposedly in development.

It makes sense for ITV to protect itself but so far it's addressing rumors. Besides, Apple and Cisco were able to work things out when Apple re-branded the iPhone operating system "iOS."

Update: The Verge is reporting that ITV has not issued a new warning to Apple regarding the use of "ITV." The network told The Verge, "The Telegraph's piece is entirely speculative, and there has been no communication between ITV and Apple. ITV has no further comment on the matter."

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