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LotRO's update 5.2 showers players with lock boxes


Lord of the Rings Online is grasping the concept of mystery lock boxes with both hands and isn't letting go. In fact, the game's new 5.2 patch will see these lock boxes dropping with increased frequency across all of Middle-earth. The boxes, which require a special key to unlock for its tantalizing prize, have had their loot tables improved and can even drop additional keys for future boxes.

Update 5.2 isn't just about these lock boxes, of course. Improvements to monster play and two endgames raids are on the docket, as well as a much-needed in-game map to the Pit of Irons. For those who have gotten turned around in the aforementioned pit (such as a Massively staffer or two), this comes as a welcome piece of news. Crafters will rejoice to see that the cooldown on guild crafting recipes has been lowered by six hours and that several recipes, such as the Tome of Wisdom, are now granted automatically.

Word is that the Buried Treasure in-game event has gone live with the update as well.

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