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Gazillion shutting down Fortune Online, focusing on Marvel properties


Gazillion confirmed to Joystiq this afternoon that the MMO publisher will shut down its Diablo-esque Fortune Online. There's no announced timetable on when the company will shut down the project, nor how many employees will be laid off from the studio in San Mateo, California. Gazillion will try to shift the team to its two Marvel projects.

The publisher will continue focusing on its two Marvel-based MMOs, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online and Marvel Heroes (formerly known as Marvel Universe). A company spokesperson told Joystiq, "We will continue delivering and refining content for Super Hero Squad Online, along with building and developing the Marvel Heroes game."

After a series of moves that cut weight from the company, we had to ask if it was positioning itself for a Disney acquisition, considering its two remaining announced projects are Marvel (and therefore Disney) properties. The company denied that being the plan.

It's worth noting that Gazillion inked the rights to Marvel MMOs for ten years back in 2009, before the comic book company was purchased by Disney. At this point, Disney can either keep letting Gazillion hold the rights to what is surely a lucrative property or make it a Galactus-size buyout offer.

Update: A representative for Gazillion tells us, "Fortune Online is shutting down on February 29, however if our records show a player has made a purchase in the game at any point, they will be receiving a full refund to the payment method used."

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