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Report: Sony preparing Twisted Metal movie


Sony has reportedly signed a deal with writer and director Brian Taylor (the auteur behind both Crank movies, the Jonah Hex screenplay, and the most recent Ghost Rider flick) to make a movie based on the Twisted Metal car combat games. Avi and Ari Arad (who formerly worked with Marvel on the Spider-Man series, among other projects) are said to be producing the movie, should it come to fruition.

If the deal pans out, the screenplay would follow the story of the games, pitting a series of vehicular combatants, including the iconic Doll Face and Sweet Tooth, against each other in a tournament to win a wish from the devilish Calypso. We don't have a lot of attachment to the game's "story," so we already expect Taylor to take all of the liberties he wants. We do have one fan request, though: Can we get a David Jaffe cameo? Please?

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