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Spotify adds support for 320 kbps music streaming


Spotify brought its music streaming service to the US last year, and both the desktop and mobile apps have been well received. On the desktop, the service delivers a high-quality 320 kbps audio stream, but the mobile app cuts that in half with its 160 kbps stream. Thanks to a recent update, iOS users with an ear for music can now select an "Extreme" setting that'll match the output of the desktop app. Most users with stock headphones won't notice the difference, but those with a pair of high-end ear buds will enjoy the new 320 kbps stream.

Spotify's new Extreme feature isn't stream only, it also applies to sync which is useful if you like to have your music on your device. Of course, you will need a rock-solid data connection and robust allotment of data to take advantage of this new mobile feature. Right now this 320 kbps setting is an iOS exclusive and is not yet available for Android or Windows Phone.

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