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    Daily iPhone App: Clear uses iPhone's intuitive interface to its advantage


    We got a sneak peek at Clear last month, and fellow TUAW editor Steve Sande and I have been happily playing with the beta ever since. The collaboration between Realmac Software, Milen and Impending, Inc. has turned enough heads that it caused a knockoff to briefly appear in the App Store over the weekend.

    Clear lives up to the hype. It's a simple to-do list and that's it. Don't expect to be able to schedule reminders, time-specific appointments, or even create complex layers of lists and tasks like OmniFocus or Things.

    Its strengths lie in its interface and innovative use of the iPhone's gestures. If you're a fan of basic lists and want to jot stuff down, then you will love Clear. I personally wish the lists went down another couple of layers, just enough to tuck a grocery list under "go to grocery store" in an errands list, but that's a very minor quibble. If you revolve your life around the Getting Things Done system, you might not care for Clear. I like it because I can just make a list and not worry about priorities or due dates.

    We've done a video demonstration of Clear to demo a new process of creating app reviews. Watch the full video to see Clear in action.

    Clear is 99 cents on the App Store, and even if you're not interested in it as a to-do list, it's worth checking out for the interface and innovative use of gestures.

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