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EverQuest Mac saved by the fans


EverQuest Mac, or EQMac, is a fascinating version of the very popular (and classic, at this point) MMO EverQuest. The title is basically an unsupported version of EverQuest, still running on Sony's servers, but a version that does not include most of the current PC game's expansions and new features. In that way, fans see it as a time capsule of EverQuest's history, a way to go back in time on the constantly evolving MMO, and not only play the game on the Mac, but also see what it was like way back when.

EverQuest announced plans a little while ago to go free-to-play, and with those plans, the company also decided that it would finally shut down EQMac, closing the book on that chapter of the game's history. Fan outcry, as you might imagine, was huge, and Sony's John Smedley has now tweeted that thanks to the outpouring of fan voices, EQMac is here to stay.

Unfortunately, that's just one tweet from late last night, so there aren't any details on exactly how Sony will navigate the changeover to free to play from an EQMac point of view. But it is at least good news for Mac users still playing EverQuest and a sign that there are tons of passionate and active gamers on the Mac platform.

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