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GTVHacker tool brings Sony Google TVs root access, full Flash streaming


Early Google TV adopters looking for root access can get it easily on their Sony units, thanks to the just released GTVHacker Sony Recovery Downgrader & Rebooter. Unlike brute force hacks we've seen so far for the Revue, this is an all-software method that requires (only) four 512MB or larger USB sticks to get the job done. Once completed the developers indicate their unsigned kernel includes a modified Flash plugin that will let users stream all the Hulu and other network TV content that has otherwise been denied the Google TV, plus other tweaks like optional support for NTFS formatted drives. It disables automatic updates, but users can still switch back to the stock software by resetting the unit in recovery mode. Once you've dug up your Atari Jaguar Sony Google TV remote, hit the links below for all the software and instructions necessary to get the job done although as always, YMMV.

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