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Asura's Wrath DLC isn't kidding about this 'anime-inspired' stuff


Asura's Wrath is out today, which can mean only one thing -- the announcement of DLC. Capcom said Asura's Wrath will be getting several "substantial" DLC packs, two of which are "anime-inspired" episodes that will provide insight into the main game's story. We think Capcom is being humble here; not only do these particular installments look to be inspired by anime, they're rendered in full-blown, traditional Japanese-cartoon style.

We caught wind previously of another DLC installment involving a Street Fighter/Asura's Wrath crossover, and Capcom confirmed players will get to battle Ryu and as-yet unannounced Street Fighter characters, in classic, non-anime 3D. No word yet on release dates or pricing.

Check out the "DLC-inspired" screens below:

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