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Things Cloud public beta goes live


Last year, Things developer Cultured Code announced a cloud syncing service for the Mac (US$49.99), iPad ($19.99), and iPhone/iPod touch ($9.99) versions of their to-do app. Now the company has finally announced the availability of the public beta of Things Cloud.

Prior to today, Cultured Code was adding beta testers through an invitation-only beta test. According to the developer's blog, more than 35,000 testers have been putting the sync service through its paces. At the present time, the service creates an extra database so that existing user data is untouched. Their next step will be to turn on the ability to import existing databases into the beta.

Cultured Code says that they've received "incredible feedback" from their users about the beta, saying that Things Cloud is fast and stable. Some users have apparently created large databases to test the capabilities of Things Cloud, although the company notes that they need to "work out some kinds and performance bottlenecks related to such large databases."

Things has been a popular to-do app and project manager, winning an Apple Design Award in 2009. Cultured Code has been slow to create a cloud syncing solution, earning the criticism of Things users who pointed out that other to-do apps like OmniFocus and Firetask were able to move to the cloud quickly. The availability of the public beta is a sign that the long wait may finally be near an end.

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