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iFrogz' Boost speaker out now


Even a couple of months after the fact, I have to say that iFrogz' Boost speaker was one of the most interesting things I saw at CES this year. It's a little box speaker that works, more or less, like magic. There are no wires or hookups necessary. All you do is set the Boost speaker down, put your iPhone right on top of it as seen above, and then the speaker somehow amplifies your iPhone. It's not super loud, but it's more than enough for just a desk speaker, or maybe something small in the bedroom.

As far as I can tell, it simply works by "listening in" to whatever is coming out of your iPhone's speaker with a really close-up microphone, and then just amplifying that audio as best it can (the device is powered with a few batteries, so that would make sense, if it's making more sound on its own). What's most surprising about all of this, however, is how exact the unit must be -- I moved the iPhone around quite a bit on the unit, and it really only works if the iPhone is sitting in exactly the right place, which means that mic, if that's indeed what's happening, must be very finely tuned.

At any rate, the Boost is an interesting device -- there are quite a few speakers out there, but I haven't seen anything like this, that doesn't require any wires or hookups at all (aside from the old school megaphone style amplifiers, I mean). The Boost is available for $39.99, and if you have a place to use it, it might be worth picking up.

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