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Dreamcast's Jet Set Radio coming to XBLA/PSN


Sega didn't have to use the words "Jet," "Set," "Radio," (or "Grind") in this teaser video for its next HD port of a Dreamcast classic. It also didn't have to use the little radio logo, but it did. From the very first drumbeat, hundreds of hours of Dreamcast time spent trying to infinitely grind off of staircases in Shibuya-cho rushed back.

Jet Grind Radio is coming to XBLA and PSN. Get your ridiculous sunglasses, giant headphones, and magnetic skates out.

All right, feeling pumped? Feeling excited about chasing Poison Jam through the sewers of Tokyo-to again? We hate to do this, but -- we're not sure all the music is going to be there. Crazy Taxi had its licensed music stripped out. Yes, it's a huge potential bummer. We're asking Sega right this second.

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