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Serious Sam Complete Pack launches on Steam with sweet deal


So you've been abroad for the past few years, backpacking across Europe or whatever it is you were doing -- we didn't want to ask. It's none of our business what you were up to, but now that you're back, maybe you want to dust off your keyboard, boot up your PC and see what you've missed?

If you're a Serious Sam fan you've missed quite a few games. As if celebrating your return, Steam is offering a Serious Sam bundle on sale. It collects eight different games for $28.90. These include the classic Serious Sam games and their HD remakes, the sequels Serious Sam 2 and Serious Sam 3: BFE, and the Mommy's Best Games indie effort, Serious Sam Double D. Once this deal expires on February 27, the bundle cost $84.99.

Accompanying the sale is a nice retrospective video that looks back at the iconic PC series, which you can watch above this chunk of text. Convenient.

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