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Signage suggests Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 en route for MWC debut

Brad Molen

Could it be that Samsung really, truly, has another 10.1-inch slab in store for us this week? After seeing the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 make its official debut earlier, it appears more and more likely that it'll have a counterpart equipped with an S-Pen before the week is over. Apparently, someone was snooping sneaking around a hotel that the Sammy folks are staying at -- and are planning to show off its products -- and uncovered a poster teasing the wildly rumored Galaxy Note 10.1. Naturally, this doesn't guarantee we'll actually see the mystical tablet in Barcelona (after all, we'd imagine something like this would merit a press conference), but it's looking a heckuva lot more likely now, isn't it?

[Thanks, Peter]

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