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Pathfinder Online measures up player housing


To live up to the claim of being an extensively player-built game world is a significant challenge for the Pathfinder Online team, but to the devs' credit, it seems as if they have a few elegant ideas to make it work. In the latest developer blog post, CEO Ryan Dancey discusses how the team is approaching player-built structures in the game world.

While there will be three NPC settlements, player structures will be a significant presence in Pathfinder Online, Dancey says. Not only will a player be given the ability to create a persistent structure, but that structure will be vulnerable to destruction as well if not protected. Dancey says that the idea right now is for the world to have special spots that signify a suitable building location; this is to keep the density from growing out of control and also to put buildings near desirable sites or resources. Once a structure is built by a group of players, it can be transferred to new ownership, built up, or attacked.

Some of the structures that the team is kicking around include hideouts, inns, watchtowers, forts, and settlements. Dancey also mentioned that players may be able to improve roads and docks in order to facilitate faster travel.

The one downside to the logistics of this feature is that players might not be able to go inside these structures; instead, they'll to access housing abilities via menus. This could be changed after launch, Dancey says, but the demand on system resources would make it a difficult task.

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