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There are some things that you just don't want to send through regular email: your credit card number, your Social Security Number (if you live in the USA), and other messages that you really don't want anyone else to read. A new service and accompanying iPhone app, (US$0.99) provides a way to send encrypted top-secret information.

Using the service is simple: you either go to the website or fire up the app, type in your message of up to 1000 characters, and a one-time URL is created. You send that URL to your recipient, and once they read the message, it can never be retrieved again. HTTPS encryption is used between the servers and the app (or your web browser) to keep your message encrypted in transit. says that "No service is 100% secure. However, we do take security extremely seriously." They also admit that Google Analytics is used on their site for web analytics, but "we, unfortunately, do not know who you are although we bet our users are rather great people."

It's an interesting service and at $0.99 for the iPhone app (free to use in a browser), it's worth a try if you occasionally need to send sensitive information.

[Via One Thing Well]

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