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C Spire drops iPhone 4S price to $150, asks you for two years of commitment

Joe Pollicino

If you've wanted to cozy up to Siri, only holding back in your search for a price break on Apple's current iPhone 4S, then your latest opportunity has arrived. C Spire Wireless is now offering the device at the starting price of $150 for the 16GB model in return for signing a two-year commitment. Naturally, $250 snags you 32GB of storage, while the 64GB variant will run you $350. All in all, these iDevices at about $50 dollars less than you'd normally find 'em for on carrier subsidies -- unless you happen to reside in Puerto Rico, that is. Best of all, it appears that this isn't merely a limited-time offer. Don't take our word for it, hit up the source link below for all the details.

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