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GAME also not stocking Street Fighter X Tekken, Asura's Wrath


Shoppers on the other side of the pond looking to snag two of Capcom's latest from GAME will have to look elsewhere, as the retailer will not be stocking either Asura's Wrath or Street Fighter X Tekken. The retailer also recently announced that it won't carry Mass Effect 3 and future EA titles. Street Fighter X Tekken and Asura's Wrath are both slated to launch in the UK this Friday, March 9.

Capcom confirmed the news to MCV, which notes that the availability of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Capcom's next big title, is still up in the air. A spokesperson stated, "Capcom wants to reassure its consumers that both these titles, including the Special Edition of Street Fighter X Tekken, will be available at a wide variety of retailers across the UK and Ireland." The spokesperson added that refunds will be issued to those with pre-orders for either Asura's Wrath or Street Fighter X Tekken, advising customers to contact their local GAME or Gamestation.

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