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MotorStorm RC free for a limited time on Vita in the US (thanks Toyota!)


Everyone's favorite Toyota spinoff car line, the Scion, is hooking you up. Actually, Scion's hooking all of us North Americans up (for a limited time, at least) with free copies of MotorStorm RC on the PlayStation Vita. And while the game is also launching on the PlayStation 3 this week for the not-so-free price of $9.99, the Vita version unlocks the PS3 version (also for free). That's your reward for dropping upwards of $250 on a Vita, we suppose.

As if the free game offer weren't enough, your favorite Toyota spinoff car line is also getting a North America-exclusive car (the Scion iQ). It may not be the fastest car, but it's totally free. So, uh, there's that!

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