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Nokia pulls back the curtain on Carl Zeiss division, gives off that pro lens smell


Still not sure how the 808 PureView can best other pro camera rigs? Then take a trip over to Nokia's Conversations blog for an inside look at the obsessive scientists behind the Carl Zeiss Camera Lens Division. These are the men and women responsible for the module included in Espoo's 41-megapixel wonder and, of course, the Lumia line. So, what's the magic that makes these phones waft a "certain [professional] smell?" Why, that'd be their use of extremely aspherical, molded plastic lenses; a manufacturing process that creates sensors which lie closer to the surface and a dimple that allows for better refraction of light. The only downside to this high-end optical whizzery is the size required, so fans of anorexic handsets with exceptional imaging will just have to get used to those unsightly rear humps. Be sure to check out the source below for the full synesthetic quote and a more detailed glance at the world of mobile optics.

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