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Almost all US Apple Stores out of stock of the Apple TV


Ever since February 2012, the Apple TV has been in short supply at retailers like Best Buy and Walmart. Last week, The Verge noticed that the Apple TV was out of stock at many Apple Stores, and today, MacRumors chimes in with a claim that the media device is not available in 98 percent of Apple stores in the US.

Though it's still available from Apple's online store, a quick perusal of the Apple Stores in the New England region confirms MacRumors's observation. All the stores in Maine, NH, RI, MA and CT are out of stock with an availability date of March 9. Though its not guarantee, this shortage strongly suggests an Apple TV refresh is on its way. Recent rumors suggest Apple will announce an updated Apple TV with 1080P support during its press event on Wednesday. Anyone want to wager on this possibility now?

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