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ArenaNet's Jon Peters talks Guild Wars 2 competitive PvP


Gaming can be a great way to wind down and relax, but as any real gamer knows, relaxation is for sissies. Competition is where the real action's at! Don't worry, Guild Wars 2 designer Jon Peters knows all about competition, and he even took some time out of his certainly busy day to sit down and talk a bit about Guild Wars 2's competitive PvP.

Anyone who played the original Guild Wars knows the heavy focus the game put on balanced, competitive PvP. Well, ArenaNet is taking that to the next level in Guild Wars 2. Peters even goes on to state that the devs "consider it to be one of the primary goals of Guild Wars 2 competitive PvP to make it into an eSport." Peters goes on to discuss how the team is focusing on bringing players a balanced-but-exciting PvP experience. For the full details, just click on through the link below to the full interview at ZAM.

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