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More Nokia 808 PureView sample shots spotted: 41MP sensor laughs at the notion of motion blur


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Nokia's 808 Pureview was one of the major stories of last week's MWC. We're desperate to get to grips with a final retail model and push that 41-megapixel sensor to its limits -- but until then, a handful of extra sample shots will have to suffice. This sharp, detailed mid-air shot bodes well for some high-speed image capture on Nokia's new cameraphone chimera. (However, at the peak of a board trick, you're largely static.) While several more of these unearthed photos are already embedded into Nokia's own 808 landing page, the unobscured image files appear to be a treasure trove for phone tinkerers, with one Pentax Forums member able to eke out plenty of detail from a previously silhouetted sample shot. We've chopped together a before-and-after to accentuate those differences right after the break. Otherwise, you can take a look at the source for a full-size rundown of those hidden images.

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